Shabeh Jomeh DC's 7th Anniversary Interview-Voices of America

Publication date:Oct 15, 2010
On October 16, 2010, Voice of America (VOA) Persian News Network spotlighted the 7th Anniversary of Shabeh Jomeh DC Metro's chapter on Shabhahang. Citing the important role that Shabeh Jomeh plays in gathering young Iranian American professionals across the country, VOA interviewed Shabeh Jomeh DC coordinators, Roya Soleimani, Azadeh Khastoo, and Nazaneen Hayat.  They also interviewed Shabeh Jomeh DC's founding coordinator, Leila Abdi, and a number of Iranian and non-Iranian Shabeh Jomeh attendees, making Shabeh Jomeh DC's 7th Anniversary one to remember!