Rosewater's Theatrical Release

“The general level of dialogue between our countries right now is a very low bar... Read More

The Ancient Persians Wore White...

The ancient Persians wore White as a symbol of purity and innocence, two... Read More

London Chapter Supporting "Teameh Melli"

June Shabeh Jomeh London was held once again in one of our recent regular spots,... Read More

Shabeh Jomeh DC Metro Marks its 10th Anniversary...

On Saturday Nov. 2nd, 2013, Shabeh Jomeh DC Metro Celebrated their 10th... Read More

Shabeh Jomeh DC Metro | Nowruz 1393 Party

Nowruz is the time of year when the excitement of Spring, and the shedding of... Read More

Shirin In Love by Ramin Niami

Shabeh Jomeh is proud to sponsor Shirin in Love, a romantic comedy directed by... Read More

About Us
What is Shabeh Jomeh? Shabeh Jomeh is a monthly gathering of young Iranian professionals living in the metropolitan areas of major cities. The event is designed to improve upon existing professional and social relations and... Read More
Upcoming Events
Shabeh Jomeh events are planned for third Thursday of every month. RSVP is not required and there are no entrance fees. Payment for all beverages and food is the responsibility of each attendee. Check the chapter near you for details. Read More